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With guest appearances from artists Joe Pug, Emily Gimble, Alice Spencer, 

and Grammy award winning musicians, Joel Guzman and Lloyd Maines.


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Unique in his ability to poetically wrangle life’s most perplexing questions through the raw power of his rugged west Texas drawl, Harvey Thomas Young is more than poet, lyricist, or musician. He will strike a deep inspiring chord within you; pensive and hopeful, destitute and enlightened all at the same time; his newest album More Than We Was is perhaps his greatest effort to that effect.

Harvey originally came to Austin from west Texas in 1970, first as a drummer playing and writing alongside RC Banks, and later with 

violinist and pianist Danny Levin, who played at the time for Asleep at the Wheel. 

Harvey and Danny continued to write and perform together, forming the original Danglin’ Wranglers in 1980.

An Austin staple, the Danglin’ Wranglers were regular performers at well-known local establishments such as the Continental Club and Hut’s Hamburgers, where they played regularly for ten years. Together, Harvey and Danny released two records, Dare to Dangle and Screamin’ in the Night. After a time, Danny went on to establish Tequila Mockingbird Studios in Austin, as Harvey worked toward his third album, Highways of Gold, produced by Mapleshade Records.

The new millenium brought the original Danglin’ Wranglers together again. For eight years, they performed at Gueros Taco Bar in Austin the first Sunday of every month. It was during this period that the band began to formulate much of what is now coming to fruition. 

In 2010, Harvey and Danny moved to Jovitas on South 1st and formed a new acoustic group; bringing two talented youngsters—Zeke Jarmon and Ian Stewart—into the fold.  When Jovitas closed its doors in 2012, they chose to refocus on producing a new acoustic album, suggested by long-time friend and drummer, Barry “Frosty” Smith.

More Than We Was continues a new direction in Harvey’s music, which began with the production of “Dreams and Distant Shores” on his last album:  Highways of Gold.  By Harvey’s own account, this new project is especially close to his heart and has been for him a “family thing.” The young fresh faces that make up the band behind More Than We Was are men Harvey has known for most of their lives: violinist Ian Stuart, bassist Zeke Jarmon, and guitarist Gabe Rhodes.  With Danny Levin waving the baton.

The record includes cameo appearances by Grammy winning accordionist Joel Guzman and steel man and music producer Lloyd Maines.  Guest vocalists include Joe Pug, Emily Gimble, Alice Spencer and Austin’s legendary Supernatural Family Band. 

Houston White, original owner of the legendary Vulcan Gas Company, offered the opportunity for More Than We Was to be recorded at Stuart Sullivan’s Wire Recording Studios in Austin.   An internationally acclaimed engineer, Stuart has been working with Harvey since the production of his first album, Dare to Dangle; and recorded and mixed Harvey’s Screaming in the Night in 1990.

 More Than We Was is a labor of great love and great thought. Distinct from past projects, Harvey’s newest album has a largely reflective and poetic tone, taking you on a challenging journey through life’s pushes and pulls, expectations and disappointments —and ultimately, at least sometimes, acceptance.  

-Erin M. Ashby